The concept of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) combines the technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve a more efficient, extensively connected, and low-latency lifestyle experience. This encompasses various applications such as smart homes, healthcare, smart agriculture, and intelligent factories, which bring innovation and endless possibilities to diverse domains. AIoT heavily relies on high-speed transmission and low latency, providing the optimal personalized experience by leveraging data learning and predictive analysis. As the requirements of data processing are demanding, it needs high-performance DRAM modules and high-capacity SSDs to support real-time data transmission.


  • Smart Transportation System
  • Smart Parking System
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Automated Production Control
  • IoT Monitoring
  • Data Analytics Platform
  • Intelligent Retail and Logistics

Challenges & Solutions

Efficient Storage

High-Performance Real-Time Computing

High Storage Quality and Performance

Storage device performance becomes crucial when handling a substantial amount of data in AIoT. Transcend's PCIe SSDs, featuring BiCS5 NAND flash, deliver high-speed read and write performance to meet real-time data processing demands. Additionally, Transcend also provides DDR5 / DDR4 memory modules that boast high bandwidth and low latency, supporting complex calculations and extensive data processing. These two types of storage devices enhance AIoT system performance, ensure stable operations, and facilitate intelligent management, big data processing, and AI applications.

High Storage Capacity Demand

Various Storage Capacity Options

As most AIoT equipment often deals with massive amounts of data, ample storage space becomes crucial for storage devices. Therefore, Transcend offers storage solutions with high capacity, and they are fortified with durability and data integrity technologies, which make sure they can provide sustained high speeds, prolonged, large-scale transfer, and low data errors. Transcend's high-capacity storage solutions feature high reliability that drives the advancement of AIoT.


Unstable Power Supply

Power Loss Protection (PLP)

Transcend's SSDs come with the Power Loss Protection (PLP) technology, which ensures uninterrupted power supply through on-board tantalum capacitors during sudden power outages. This safeguards data integrity, prevents data loss, and reduces system downtime to ensure the stability and reliability of AIoT applications. In applications such as big data processing and real-time analysis, SSD's PLP function guarantees data integrity and continuous operation, minimizing the risk of data corruption due to abnormal power loss, thus elevating the stability of AIoT systems.

Learn more about Power Loss Protection (PLP)


Operating Environments Full of Pollution and Vibrations

Value-Added Technologies for Enhanced Reliability and Durability

AIoT devices are designed to work in diverse and demanding environments, which require storage solutions to have high adaptability. Transcend provides a wide range of storage devices that are strengthened by optimization technologies, to ensure high reliability and durability in challenging environments.

Corner Bond reinforces the bonding between critical components and PCB boards, enhancing components' resistance against vibration and stress. Underfill, a customization service, fills gaps between components, offering advanced shock protection. Conformal coating, another customization service, provides a strong shield for components to withstand external moisture, dust, and corrosion damage by automatically spraying a layer of acrylic on the surface of the components. Anti-sulfur technology effectively prevents sulfurization, enhancing component durability. With these technologies, SSDs and memory modules are durable enough to withstand external factors like vibration, humidity, dust, and chemical damage, significantly reducing device damage and ensuring uninterrupted device operation.

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Extreme Temperatures & Thermal Cycling

Wide Temperature

Many AIoT devices are deployed in extremely hot or cold environments, such as outdoor facilities or manufacturing factories. Standardized SSDs are often unable to withstand the challenges posed by such extreme and harsh temperatures. To ensure stable operation of AIoT devices across a wide temperature range, Transcend offers memory modules and storage devices with wide temperature specifications, specifically designed to handle extreme cold, heat, and frequent temperature cycling. This ensures that AIoT systems can operate smoothly in various environments without performance degradation or failures due to temperature fluctuations. Transcend's flash products, including SSDs, memory cards, and industrial USB flash drives, can provide a wide temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Industrial DDR5/DDR4 memory modules can offer a wide temperature range of -40°C to 95°C.

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Sustained High-Speed Operations

SLC Mode

In most of AIoT applications, it is important for storage devices to not only have high-speed read/write capabilities, superior durability and stability, but also low cost in deployment. Transcend's SLC Mode SSDs provide a storage solution that combines high performance with cost efficiency. This technology emulates TLC as SLC, surpassing the inherent limitations of TLC and achieving durability that can even exceed MLC flash. SLC Mode SSDs boast a maximum program/erase (P/E) cycle of up to 100,000 times and offer cost advantages. Additionally, SLC Mode also features outstanding random read/write speeds, fully supporting AIoT's demands for extensive data access.

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Embedded Software Solution: Control Center

To better manage data processing centers, Transcend's Control Center software allows instant management of edge storage devices, either on premise or in the cloud. Transcend also further utilizes the data accumulated to provide a reliable forecast and optimized advice, helping enterprises to analyze the demands and achieve higher cost efficiency.

  • Integrated and user-friendly interface
  • SDK (Self Development Kit) for seamless implementation in different operating systems
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on AWS and Azure
  • OTA device update and efficient management
Learn more about Control Center

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