Data security is an increasing and urgent demand, especially in current digital world where everything is inextricably intertwined. Businesses nowadays cannot neglect the importance of protecting business-critical data and systems. Transcend has been very mindful about this, and that's why we designed TCG Opal Toolbox.

But first, what is TCG Opal?

TCG, the Trusted Computing Group, is an international organization dedicated to network, storage, infrastructure, and cloud security. By establishing open standards and specifications, TCG ensures secure computing and authentication in PCs, servers, and various devices.

TCG's Storage Work Group created the Opal Security Subsystem Class (SSC) as one class of security management protocol for storage devices. It applies mainly to devices used in PCs and notebooks. The class defines specifications concerning file management on storage devices, and defines class level permissions for storage/retrieval of files, thus protecting user data. Devices conforming to Opal SSC specifications may be referred to as TCG Opal devices, a mark of trustworthiness. Transcend's TCG Opal Toolbox offers 256-bits AES encryption for superior data protection on SSDs, making it an ideal solution that levels up your security level.

How to keep your value.
  • Set Password
  • Set Locking Range
  • Pre-Boot Authentication
  • Revert

Set Password

Users may set a password to control access to the drive. Where drive locations are password-protected, only users with the correct key will be authorized entry.

Set Locking Range

The device manager may create a logical block address (LBA) range and assign different permissions for each particular range. Only users with the correct authentication key may perform permitted actions.

Pre-Boot Authentication

When a user starts a device, the shadow MBR will conduct a pre-boot identification. Where the user is cleared, the normal boot process will begin and connections to devices be made.


Users can restore the storage device to its default settings by entering a unique set of PSID (Physical Secure ID). The function allows for secure and permanent erasure of all sensitive or confidential data.

Make the right choice to secure your business.
Tailor-made SDK

OneTouch Recovery offers software development kit (SDK) that facilitates seamless integration with your current system, such as Windows and Linux, to carry out smooth operation. Flexibility and compatibility are crucial to our customers, and so they are to us.

Hierarchical management

Characterizing hierarchical management, TCG Opal Toolbox allows staffs in different levels to have separate permission to the database. Protection is enhanced by preventing unauthorized users from revising the data.

Operate in local network,
security doubled

All security functions take place within the device itself. They do not need to pass through the host (operating system), making for faster and more secure operation and preventing operating system compatibility issues.

Recommended Products

Transcend offers technology customization options for selected models. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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